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We are a fresh team

ParkWise was founded on the principle of bringing technology innovation and process best practices to the parking industry. Our mission is to to provide solutions to customers that focus on process efficiencies and financial controls. We pride ourselves on designing, building and implementing solutions that deliver measurable results to clients.

Through a consultative approach we believe each organization has their own unique challenges, but also recognize that many of the process efficiencies and financial measures can be replicated from other industries in conjunction with industry leading best practices.

Established in 2009, in Calgary, Canada, ParkWise brings over 35 years of experience in providing technology consulting services to clients with a combined 20 years experience within the Parking Industry.

The ParkWise team has experience including the development of solutions related to:

  • Enforcement Workforce Dispatch
  • Ticket and Violation Management
  • Parking Payment and Management
  • Vehicle Impound
  • Enforcement Workforce Planning.

Avi Patel, President

In April 2009, Avi Patel founded ParkWise Solutions with the vision of providing best in class software solutions to the parking industry. The key being innovation and financial excellence to eliminate the common problems found in vendor-centric solutions. Avi is an accomplished Information Technology consultant with eighteen years experience, of which he spent eleven years designing parking solutions. His successful accomplishments in the Parking Industry include solutions for Impound Lot Management, Ticket Management System, Enforcement Planning and Scheduling, and a Dispatch System. In addition, he contributed to the commercialization of the Calgary Parking Authority's Impound Lot Management System.

Avi is a Chartered Accountant, Certified Management Consultant and holds a BSc. (Hons.) in Computer Science.

Radoslav Lang, Chief Technology Officer

Radoslav Lang has seventeen years of experience in bringing cutting-edge technology to corporate clients. His extensive experience in software engineering has resulted in successfully designing, developing and implementing software solutions across industry verticals including Oracle, Nortel Networks, Eurotel, TransCanada Pipelines and Calgary Parking Authority. Rado is also responsible for the development and implementation of the Intelligent Dispatch System for the Calgary Parking Authority.

Rado holds a MSc. in Computer Science.

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