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Welcome to ParkWise, industry leader in bridging technology and parking.

ParkWise Solutions (ParkWise) delivers innovative parking solutions using software in an unprecedented manner. ParkWise believes that the formula for successful innovation comes from industry knowledge and technical excellence guided by best practices! We believe that a solution must demonstrate a return on investment by best in class service, increase in revenue or demonstrated cost savings. These guiding principles embody ParkWise's approach to the application of technology in the Parking Industry.

ParkWise brings a professional consulting approach to the design, development and implementation of software solutions to the parking industry. Established in 2009, based in Calgary, Canada, ParkWise brings over 35 years of experience in technology consulting combined with 20 years experience within the Parking Industry.

The parking industry is at a turning point where the differentiator for companies is the service level and efficiency they brings to the market. This efficiency is increasingly a product of processes and selected solutions, where software plays an ever increasing role and hardware features become common. Parkwise focuses solely on software solutions to enable clients to perform regular processes with precision and efficiency.

The ParkWise team's experience include the development of solutions related to vehicle impoundment, ticket and violation tracking, enforcement planning and management, financial management, operational reporting, parking management and enforcement dispatch. In addition, ParkWise has assisted clients with commercialization and resale of existing Parking solutions.

Featured Products

Intelligent Dispatch System

The Intelligent Dispatch System (IDS) is a web-based application to manage the dispatch of enforcement personnel to address requests received from customers. The application facilitates call center staff, field personnel and a centralized dispatcher in recording “Requests for Assistance” from customers and to coordinate the dispatch of personnel in response to these requests. It provides a mobile screen for enforcement officers to see their workload and record the results!
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Parking Management Solution

The Parking Management solution is a robust online parking framework. It has been designed with best practices in parking to present simple, efficient and secure processes related to the purchase and sale of parking! The solution provides substantial benefit to both customers looking for parking and providers that want to sell parking.
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